Sangdest Microelectronic (Nanjing) Co., Ltd (SMC) was founded in 1997.

SMC's products (formerly sold under the Sensitron Semiconductor brand name) are sold for a variety of applications in the commercial market including LCD displays, telecom equipment, power supplies, industrial and aircraft industries which have demanding reliability and quality requirements.

We manufacture and design our own products which are widely accepted in both domestic and international markets. We follow rigorous qualification standards from large aerospace, communication, and consumer electronics suppliers that are known world-wide for both their superior products and within the industry for their exceptionally demanding supplier qualification teams. We are ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949 qualified.

SMC's staff is dedicated to consistently meeting our customer's high expectations, by delivering quality products with on-time delivery. Please challenge our team to meet your unique requirements.

  • 2022/05/25
    S2M00**120* series is the new generation 1200V voltage platform SiC MOSFETs family released by SMC. The first Rds(on) is 25 m Ω, with two different packages TO-247-4 and TO-247-3. This series SiC MOSFETs adopts unique planar technology and is further optimized for power fast switching applications. This planar technology and negative voltage drive ensure the reliability and stability of operation, which means lower switching loss and lower EMI.
  • 2018/01/02
    The SES1D is a super-fast switching rectifier diode packaged in the space efficient SMA outline.  The SES1D combines industry leading super-fast reverse recovery times, trr, with a reverse voltage capability of 200V.  The combination of very low forward voltage drop and low reverse leakage (idle) current minimize total conduction losses and maximize energy efficiency.  The small footprint of the SMA outline provides design flexibility when a 1A rectifier is required in a space constrained assembly.  The super-fast recovery time and small package size of the SES1D make this device the ideal solution for high frequency, energy sensitive, space constrained applications.
  • 2018/01/02
    The 63SPD100A is a high current, high voltage power Schottky rectifier packaged in the very low profile mini SPD-4 outline.  The device has a robust continuous forward current rating of 60A, a reverse voltage capability of 100V and a very high single cycle surge rating of 860A which is critical in reactively loaded circuits.  The combination of very low forward voltage and low reverse leakage (idle) current results in a device with very low total conduction losses.  The 63SPD100A is the ideal device for energy sensitive applications requiring high power, high voltage capability and a low profile, space efficient package.
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